Our Two (2) New Sapphire Mines in Sri Lanka

This is a short video of our two new sapphire mines in Sri Lanka near the river. Both mines have been hand dug down to a depth of about 60-70 feet to reach the gemstone gravels. From there we tunnel sideways following the vein of rough and gravels. The gravel is then pulled to the surface in large bags. It’s cleaned and sorted before it’s cut into what we see as a beautiful gemstone.

Here’s a short video of our two new sapphire mines in Sri Lanka in the Ratnapura mining area in the mountains.

A look down into the sapphire mine

Looking down the sapphire mine shaft.

This picture was taken looking down into one of our sapphire mines in the mining region of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. It has been dug completely by hand and is reinforced with heavy timbers to keep the shaft from caving in. This is a major concern as the heavy rains come during the rainy season. Because of this we have limited access to the mine and can only operate for 8 or 9 months out of the year. Needless to say we need to take advantage of the weather.

Reach out if you need something.

Reach out if you’re looking a particular size, color or shape of sapphire. We specialize in nicely cut round blue sapphires, especially for center stones. We will continue to stock more goods here in the States as the mines produce more. In the meantime we have a nice stock of pinks, purples, yellows and greens in assorted sizes and shapes.

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