Author name: Muditha

Sri Lankan Mine Owner | Fine Gemstone & Rough Dealer | Gem Cutter
Exporter of Fine Ceylon Sapphire & Colored Gemstones

I have been in the jewelry trade for over 35 years. I mine and cut high quality sapphire from Sri Lanka in blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange and all colors. My partner Brent in the U.S. and I wholesale to goldsmiths, jewelers, private clients, dealers and independent jewelry stores across the U.S. and around the world. If we can help please reach out! We not only display our goods but we can locate or cut material per your request. It’s best to text or call Brent in the U.S. as travel from home to the mines to auctions, to our cutting and manufacturing sites. I'm happy to help in any way that I can.

Mine Owner • Gemologist • Gem Cutter • Gem Dealer
  • Education: St Thomas College • Mt Lavinia, Sri Lanka
  • Associated Business Executive (London)
  • Gemologist
  • Gem Cutter
  • Member Lapidary Association of Sri Lanka
  • Registered Member of the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka
  • Owner of Land in Dela for mining and Tea Plantation
  • Mine owner (Dela - Rathnapura mining area of Sri Lanka)
  • Owner - Beauty Lanka Gems & Jewelry (pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka
  • Environmentalist specialized in Herpetology and Ornithology
  • US Mobile Number • (541) 745-9722

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