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Free Fine Gem App for the Jewelry Trade!

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Welcome to the Jeweler's Fine Gem App for the Jewelry Trade. Choose your native platform & download our free fine gem app of wholesale colored gemstones today! Stay current with the latest goods direct from our mines in Sri Lanka!

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Welcome to the Jeweler's Fine Gem App!

Instock Gems • Wholesale Colored Gems & Fine Sapphire Dealers since 1987′

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Hints • Information

  • At the top of the homepage you'll see a featured scrolling gemstone carousel. Tap or click and follow each link for detailed information about that stone.
  • The main menu is located in the top left (hamburger menu). Open for access to all pages.
  • Use the search at the top right of every page to locate something quickly or if would like to compare items. There is also a large shortcut menu at the bottom of each page for quick access to the main pages you'll want to access.
  • If you'd like to send me a quick message use the "CHAT" button (lower right) on each page. This links directly to my phone.

Brent (541) 389-9990
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Brent Wallace

Brent Wallace
Fine Gemstone Dealer

Brent Wallace is the owner of Instock Gems (wholesale gem suppliers). He is a longtime independent fine gem dealer in Oregon who specializes in gem imports of fine Ceylon sapphire & other fine color gems from his partners 3 mines in Sri Lanka • Wholesale Gems & Fine Sapphire Dealers since 1987′ • Call 541-389-9990 with Requests!

Dealer Profile
Fine Gemstone Dealer | Wholesale Gem Broker
Importer of Fine Ceylon Sapphire & Colored Gemstones

I have been in the jewelry trade for over 40 years. I specialize in high quality Ceylon Blue Sapphire imported from Sri Lanka. Sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow including blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange and all colors in between. I mainly wholesale to goldsmiths, jewelers, private clients, and independent jewelry stores across the U.S. If I can help please reach out. Stones listed are only a sample of what’s available. It’s best to text me at (541) 389-9990. I look forward to helping in any way that I can.

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    Wholesale Designer Jewelry | Wholesale broker to private clients
    Importer of the Marta Howell Designer Jewelry Collection

    I am the West Coast Distributor for the Marta Howell Designer Jewelry line. The Marta Howell Jewelry Collection is a line of beautifully handcrafted Designer Shell Jewelry imported from Bali in unique sterling silver one-of-a-kind designs. Marta Howell Jewelry is a collection of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings which are made with Black Lip, Paua Abalone and Mother-of-Pearl shells combined with semi-precious colored gemstones. The colored gemstones include your choice of blue topaz, amethyst, peridot, citrine and garnet. The shape and color of each shell is like a special piece of art in every unique piece of jewelry.

    See the Marta Howell Jewelry Collection →

    Cancer Survivor
    Entrepreneur | Gem Broker
    Developer | Businessman

    I have traveled on the road as a wholesaler to jewelers and goldsmiths for over 30 years. In June of 2016 we discovered that I had a very mean and aggressive cancer that filled 95% of the inside of my bladder. I refused to allow them to remove my bladder which began my journey of curing cancer naturally along with the efforts of my urologist to remove the cancerous tumors. By changing my diet, eating massive doses of plant based nutrition along with other natural remedies and lots of prayer, we have been successful and the cancer is gone! I am now a strong advocate of nutrition and natural healing. I offer my love and advice to those who are open minded and willing to take control of their own health. Message me anytime. Read the full story on my Blog →


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