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Welcome to the Tucson Gem Show! See us at GJX, Booth 507!

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This year Muditha and I will be showing at the GJX Gem Show, February 1st thru the 6th. He has brought an incredible supply of sapphires in all colors along with other specialty stones such as natural spinels, alexandrite, cats eyes, star sapphires, rhodolite garnets, padparadschah and more.

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Our downtown Tucson live cameras will be rolling to show you the finest gemstones available. All Tucson Live Stream Video updates will be posted here as often as possible so check back often for updated goods!

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Watch each new gem videos here within minutes of posting. Text or call me if you see anything of interest. Supply of finer goods has been extremely difficult this past two years because of all of the shutdowns but we’re fortunate to have our own mines and access to the main supply of rough direct from the mining area in Ratnapura. We’ll also be available to help find goods from our other friends and dealers here at the show. Text or call me! – Brent

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February 1-6, 2022
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Dealer Profile
Fine Gemstone Dealer | Wholesale Gem Broker
Importer of Fine Ceylon Sapphire & Colored Gemstones

I have been in the jewelry trade for over 40 years. I specialize in high quality Ceylon Blue Sapphire imported from Sri Lanka. Sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow including blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange and all colors in between. I mainly wholesale to goldsmiths, jewelers, private clients, and independent jewelry stores across the U.S. If I can help please reach out. Stones listed are only a sample of what’s available. It’s best to text me at (541) 389-9990. I look forward to helping in any way that I can.

In the past several years my partner Muditha and I have teamed up with his son and his team in Sri Lanka to bring you the finest sapphire and colored stones directly from the mines to your stores. Stay tuned as we’re expanding our reach to help serve you better.

Reach out and text or call me:

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